MagiGlide – 30mm round (4pack)


MagiGlide 30mm round – 4 pack self adhesive pads

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Product Description

Enables easy movement of furniture and appliances on all internal smooth floors including carpet

• Protects all smooth hard floors, on a wide variety of surfaces, low pile carpet, tiles, laminate, linoleum, natural wood, marble and other similar products. (Not recommended for outdoors and untreated stone and slate)
• Reduces noise pollution
• Protects and extends the life of your furniture
• Discreet fit under furniture and appliance feet
• Easily move heavy items whenever you want • Move furniture and appliances without fear of damaging your floor • Noisy dining chairs suddenly become quiet • Appliances can be slid into place with absolute ease • Helps to extend the life of furniture by reducing stress on furniture joints • Reduces unsightly imprints in carpets and reduces carpet ripples • Improves hygiene – does not harbour dust and mites like felt pads

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30mm round 4 pack


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